Greeting from The President

We are committed to realistically shaping the space you envision and the floor plan that meets
your objectives.

However, there is no small number of disadvantages to the space, floor plan, etc.
as imagined by the customer.

We may suggest approaching this disadvantage from a different angle while respecting the customer`s image.

While respecting the customer`s images of its disadvantages, we may propose an approach from a different angle. This is because it would be maintenance and preservation of an important building and support to keep the asset value.

By continuing to provide valuable buildings, we will contribute to society by enriching the lives of our customers.

Three Management Principles
・Sincere attention to the client`s needs.
・Professional attitude to propose what is best for the customer based on the merits and demerits.

We would like to keep our strengths such as “speed” and “flexibility” that only a small organization can have.


We provide free consultation/estimate via email. Please feel free to contact us.

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