Japanese Quality

Renovation, new construction, design/lay out of homes

Presenting “Japanese Quality”

We provide free consultation/estimate via email.

We carry out construction work.
Airplants has  a group company based in Japan.
By globally expanding the support system, we will advance construction by coordinating and cooperating with the group company.


Airplants West Coast

Once a customer sends us a request, we will promptly conduct a consultation with you and will create the estimate.  


Airplants West Coast

We will propose a plan ideal for each customer by utilizing our experience and technology cultivated over the years.


Airplants West Coast
【Work schedule】

We will carry out detailed schedule management based on the construction content that we’ve discussed with customer. 

Airplants West Coast

We will create a space imagined by the customer
, layout that suits the purpose, etc. in a practical form.

By continually providing valuable buildings, we will realize customer’s affluent life and contribute to society. 

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